About Drones TT

The best aerial photography company in Trinidad. We specialize in affordable low altitude, high resolution aerial video and photography for various applications. Security, Entertainment, Weddings and more.


  • Aerial Video and Imaging
    Until present times aerial image and video production with manned aircraft remained very expensive and extremely limited in its possibilities, let Drones TT show your story from a different perspective.
    Disaster response and recovery
    Our drone can be flown in the easiest way to hazards and scenes of accident. Transmitted from the UAV to the ground via live video feed. High resolution photos keep records and provide valuable evidence for subsequent accident analysis. Preventive measures can properly be assessed and planned in advance.
    We will never fly our U.A.V.'s in inclement weather or situations that dictates poor outcomes, safety is our #1 priority.
    Realibility and Customer Oriented
    All the more reason to chose Drone TT for your areal services. We believe in providing the service you will come to recognize as unmatched and satisfying.


We cater to all types of events, Weddings, Photo Shoots, Real Estate, and even Disaster Estimates.

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